NARFE - Chapter 1137
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Chapter Constitution for 2012


Apollo Chapter 1137

Central Brevard County NARFE Florida, Inc.

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE)

Article I. Name

This Chapter shall be known as the NARFE APOLLO CHAPTER No. 1137 of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association.

Article II. Objects.

The objects of this Chapter shall be to facilitate the objectives of NARFE in the Certificate of Incorporation as set forth herewith:

(a) To sponsor and support legislation, rules and regulations beneficial to annuitants and potential annuitants of the civilian public service;

(b) To oppose legislation, rules and regulations inimical to the interests of annuitants and potential annuitants;

(c) To promote the general welfare of annuitants and potential annuitants of the civilian public service;

(d) To serve and advise annuitants and active employees with respect to their rights under civil retirement law.

(e) To cooperate with other organizations and associations in furtherance of the general objectives of this corporation.

In furtherance of these objects the Chapter shall conform to the bylaws of the National Association, and be in complete unity with the policy established by National Conventions and by the National Executive Committee, together with such other activities, looking toward the preservation of American institutions and ideals as shall be espoused by the Association.

Article III. Membership.

The active membership of this Chapter shall be composed only of those who respectively are active or associate members in good standing of NARFE. No person eligible as above shall be excluded from chapter membership. Social membership of this chapter shall be composed of spouses who do not have national membership.

Article IV. Officers

The Chapter shall elect a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and such other officers as named in the bylaws thereof. These shall hold office until their successors are elected and qualified.

Article V. Dues

The Chapter shall collect for its own treasury only such dues as may be necessary to meet expenses in carrying on its business and functions.

Article VI. Delegates.

Delegates to the National Convention shall be elected by the membership of the Chapter after the date and place of said convention has been announced by the National office.

Article VII. Bylaws and Amendments

Sec. 1. This Constitution cannot be amended without advanced approval of the National Executive committee.

Sec. 2. The Chapter shall adopt such bylaws, not inconsistent with the Chapter constitution, as shall seem appropriate and necessary for the functioning of the local chapter, and shall provide the method by which those bylaws may be amended. Notice in writing of proposed amendments must be transmitted to all Chapter members not less than 10 days before action thereon.

Approved by Chapter Apollo 1137 Signed by (John Ledman) 06/11/2012                 

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