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Welcome!   It’s a privilege to share our story with you.   The National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) are committed to preserving the earned economic and health care security of current and future federal retirees and their survivors.   Our membership drives NARFE—the more members we have the more powerful is our voice to Congress! At NARFE, federal employee benefits are our PRIORITY.


If you are not already a member, you can easily join by using the link “Join NARFE” located in the right column of this page. Please enter Chapter 1019. For details on our monthly meetings, refer to “Monthly Chapter Meetings” below and click on “Read more…”.   Attendance at meetings is optional; however, our guest speakers enlighten us on timely and interesting issues.


As a new member, you may currently choose the traditional NARFE membership for $40 per year which includes chapter affiliation and privileges. Or you may choose the national membership with no chapter affiliation for $40 per year. Membership is open to civilians who are or will be eligible to receive an annuity or survivor annuity from the federal retirement programs of any agency of the United States government including retirees, active employees, spouses and surviving spouses of those eligible to join NARFE, former employees, and former spouses legally entitled to a federal survivor annuity.



In August of 2020, after 10 years at the current annual membership dues rate, NARFE members approved a dues increase. The modest increase will help NARFE continue fighting for the benefits and wellbeing of every federal employee and retiree. It will also enable NARFE to continue providing members with quality services and benefits like the award-winning NARFE Magazine, access to educational webinars, personalized answers to federal benefits questions from our experts, and many new services planned for the near future.
The new dues rates go into effect on January 1, 2021. Dues for NARFE National membership will increase from $40 to $48 per year. The two-year national dues rate will increase to $92, and the three-year dues amount will be $126. Members with membership expiration dates after December 31, 2020, will be billed at the new dues levels. Chapter dues are not affected by this change.
NARFE members whose memberships expire after December 31, 2020, are encouraged to save money by calling 800-456-8410 (press 1 for membership) and renew their annual membership now for one year at the current dues rate of $40. To save even more, members who currently pay the one-year rate can extend to a two- or three-year membership at the current dues rates of $72 or $102, respectively. Be sure to add $5 per year for Chapter 1019 dues.


As you know, NARFE exists to safeguard and enhance federal employee health benefits, retirement benefits, and pay issues for active federal employees and annuitants. 


Even one member can make a difference in NARFE’s mission. Remember that numbers count! The number of federal retirees and employees who join adds volume to NARFE’s voice and augments NARFE’s legislative outreach. NARFE is the only association that lobbies for federal benefits. There simply is no one else!


James Haley

President, Chapter 1019


January 2021

Federal Health Open Season 2021

The 2021 Open Season will run from November 8 to December 13.  Federal employees, retirees, and annuitants can make changes to health, dental and vision coverage, or enroll in a Flexible Spending Account during Open Season.

OPM Notification: Effective Feb 1, 2015!!!

We have been notified by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that effective Feb 1, 2015 any requests for assistance will require you to provide your CSA/CSF number.  They no longer will accept your Social Security Number as identification.  Your CSA/CSF number can be found on either your Notice of Annuity Adjustment or the 1099R.  The only instance they will accept Social Security Number is during the Report of Death notifications submitted to OPM.

Completing the F100 on line (F-100 Be Prepared for Life’s Events)

NARFE has made many forms available online for members.  To access them, follow the first part of the instructions listed below for the F-100 by clicking Read More...

When a RETIREE's SPOUSE Dies...

Life insurance, Health insurance, Designation of beneficiaries, are some of the many changes that may need to be done.

Read some of what OPM says about Death of Spouse

You should Contact Opm and tell them that you need to report a death. If you call OPM your best bet to get through is when they first open in the morning. Note: If you get through to OPM you may have to hold for hours before you get and answer. So if you call use a speaker phone so you can do other things while you wait and if you use your cell phone make sure it is plugged in so your phone's battery doesn't go dead. 

  If you would like to get some guidance from our NARFE Service Center Contacts please call one of the members below.

Dean Hemmer 618-233-3819

Gene Wiggins 618-566-7980

10 worst mistakes - Federal Employees often make
The decisions you make now will determine the success of your retirement. Here are the 10 worst mistakes federal employees can make 
10 worst mistakes - Federal Retirees can make.
 The decisions you make in retirement are important. Here are the 10 worst mistakes federal retirees can make


NARFE Political Action Committee (PAC)

March is NARFE-PAC Month

No doubt you have all seen the PAC message in every issue of your NARFE magazine. As stated in the March issue “PAC is the only NARFE solicitation that directly supports our core mission--protecting the earned benefits of our active and retired Federal employees’  

Service Center Contacts

CLOSED: NARFE Service Center on Scott Air Force Base. 

Assistance is now available by calling one of these members:

Dean Hemmer (618) 233-3819

Gene Wiggins  (618) 566-7980