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Federation President


Important Change to Chapter Per Capita Dues

June 17, 2017, the Texas Federation Executive Board voted to reduce per capita dues from $4 to $2, retroactive to January 1, 2017.


Texas Federation Treasurer Jim Ploen will remit one-half of the dues already paid in full by chapters. Those chapters that have paid one-half their dues are paid-in-full for 2017. 


I am asking chapters that have already paid to be patient, as Jim has other obligations at this time that need to be addressed.


John Creswell, Texas Federation President

All Chapters need to revise their Bylaws

With the changes to our national bylaws in August, 2016, to include "One Member, One Vote" all chapters need to revise their bylaws accordingly.  Chapter bylaws cannot conflict with national bylaws.  Please update your bylaws by January 1, 2019.  


Help is available from NARFE in the F-21 Bylaws Template (03/17) which may be downloaded from the Officer Resources (Forms by Form number) section of the national webpage at   Note this is available as a Word document you may tailor to your own chapter, plus a PDF that offers guidance on how best to set up your bylaws.  I recommend you download both.  


Help is also available from your Texas Federation District Representative.  See "About Us" for a topic listing contact information for District Representatives.


Current parliamentary procedure recommendations are to have Bylaws, and not a Constitution and Bylaws. You should include a specific dollar amount for dues in the bylaws, and specific number for meeting quorum, as these are items that have caused updated bylaws to be rejected.


This is a great opportunity to review your chapter structure to see if you can streamline your board.  Do you need the same number of elected officers, committees, etc.?  Most chapters have "Standing Rules" in addition to their bylaws which define when they meet, the order of business, etc.


Most bylaws changes require publication to all members in advance of the meeting where changes are voted on, typically 30 or 60 days, and require a two-thirds of voting members attending to approve. Please review your current bylaws for your specific requirements. 


Once your chapter has approved your bylaws, the Secretary should sign and forward to the National Secretary/Treasurer as outlined in the F-21 PDF guidelines.


John Creswell, Texas Federation President


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