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Texas Federation Register

The Texas Federation Register is the official newsletter of the Texas Federation (TF), the state unit of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) Association. The newsletter is published quarterly and serves over 330,000 working, retired, and survivor federal annuitants in Texas. The annual subscription rate for members is included in member dues.


Ms. Alice J Pullin
TFR Coordinator, Texas Federation Register


2021 Issues

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2020 Issues

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 2019 Issues

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2018 Issues

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2017 Issues

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2016 Issues

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2015 Issues

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Ms. Alice J Pullin
Editor, Texas Federation Register

1787 Pieper Rd

New Braunfels, TX 78130-1983

phone: 760-390-4482

Chapters are encouraged to send articles as soon as they are completed and they will be used in the newsletter at the first opportunity. Delivery of the newsletter will normally be in the second and third week of the first month of the issue.

For change of address, see the Library article “How Do I Change My Address?”  Note, you may also want to transfer to a chapter closer to your new location.

To report a member death, see the Library article “How Do I Report a Member Death?”