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Legislation Reports

NARFE Legislative Priorities in the 116th Congress

116th Congress calendar

NARFE Legislative Accomplishments in the 115th Congress

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Congressional Contact Information

Contact information for Texas Congressional Representative and Senator offices may be found in the NARFE Legislative Action Center.  There is a link to the LAC at the bottom right of this page under "Important Links."


Call Congressional Offices (Toll Free for NARFE members), Ask operator for the office of the Congressional Representative or Senator to which you wish to speak:  


Calendars This page will display links for US House and Senate calendars in several levels of detail.


US House of Representatives  Main website


US Senate  Main website

More Resources 

Library of Congress website to search for Legislative Bills: 



NARFE has a smartphone app that connects you to the Legislative Action Center (LAC). The app is supported by Voter Voice which provides much of the resource information in the NARFE LAC.

To install, go to your app store and search for “Voter Voice.” Download and install. When opening, it will ask for your organization. Type in NARFE, and select it from the search results.

You can contact Congress, send letters to the editor, and many other tasks. Explore, you’ll be amazed.