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National Secretary/Treasurer

NARFE members and affiliated organizations need a mechanism for submitting resolutions to National Headquarters; therefore, Form F-3A has been revived for use Please click the following link for the form: F-3A. A fillable version and instructions (page 2) is available in the member area of the NARFE website on the Forms by Form Number page. In case the resolution could more appropriately be classified as an amendment to a bylaw or standing rule for the 2020 election year, it is due no later than January 1, 2020. Resolutions that meet the deadline will be entered in the log in the Office of the Secretary/Treasurer (NS/T) as they are received and, if complete, forwarded to the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee (BRC). The submitter(s) will be notified. Entities or parties are encouraged to submit resolutions through their federations. Where the resolution is being proposed by a chapter or individual member, submitting it through the federation would increase credibility for the committee.

As we complete the 2019 Referendum on bylaws amendments, the BRC is already hard at work on amendments for the 2020 election year. While the process for 2020 bylaws and standing rules amendments technically opened in April 2019, we’ve made changes to the format for submission of 2020 amendments. Any amendments made in response to the April 2019 call have been accepted for review and will not need to be resubmitted. The new format can be recognized by the code F-3C (09/19) at the bottom of the form. Please click the following link for the form: F-3C.  It is also available on the NARFE website as a fillable document. If you need more space to explain the amendment proposal, use a Word document that clearly identifies what section of the amendment it continues.

Please refer to Submission Requirements on Page 2 of F-3C. Bylaws and Standing Rules amendments will be entered in the log in the Office of the NS/T, and if the format is complete and submitted in accordance with the procedures, they will be forwarded to the BRC for action. The submitter(s) will be notified.
NARFE Bylaw Article IX, Section 1 as amended in 2018 specifies that amendments for the bylaws and standing rules can be submitted by any of the following groups:

  • 20 members direct to National Headquarters
  • Chapter direct to National Headquarters
  • Chapter via a federation
  • Federation executive board direct to National Headquarters
  • Federation voting to National Headquarters
  • National Executive Board
  • A Committee designated by the NEB

The BRC is authorized to place amendments that meet the F-3C format on the 2020 ballot. For additional information regarding the amendments process, contact the Office of the Secretary/Treasurer at
Kathryn E. Hensley
National Secretary/Treasurer