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2018 NARFE National Conference





2018 Balloting Information

Much is changing as NARFE becomes a more agile organization now and for the future. At the 2016 National Convention, “one member, one vote” and “optional chapter membership” were passed, which means elections, resolutions and bylaws amendments will be voted upon by you, the individual member, rather than by elected delegates from chapters.

Information about the new process has been published in issues of “NARFE” magazine since November so members may be informed voters.

The timeline is shown below. All members should have received:

  • March issue, candidate statements, page 52.
  • April issue, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee Report, page 56.

If you didn’t keep these issues, the information is available from the NARFE website at You’ll need to login to access the materials.

Once logged in, click on the “2018 Balloting Information” slide in the carousel (looks like the heading to this article). On this page you’ll find:

  • NARFE Election FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions about the NARFE election process can be found here.
  • Candidate Statements
  • Bylaws and Resolutions. For the 2018 Bylaws and Resolutions you may download a .PDF book that contains the following documents:
  • Report of the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee
  • Proposal to Amend NARFE Bylaws – Ballot Items
  • Content of Proposals Acted on By Committee
  • Proposals to Amend NARFE Bylaws – All Submissions
  • 2018 Bylaws Committee Rationale

Please note that the book is 184 pages and may take time to download, depending on your internet connection speed. The Table of Contents contains clickable links to navigate through the document.

To request a print copy, please ORDER ONLINE or call (703) 838-7760 Ext. 270.

  • Four Additional Ballot Items:
  • Ballot Question 1: Preferential Voting
  • Ballot Question 2: Second Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation of NARFE
  • Ballot Question 3: NARFE National Executive Board Resolution: Secre-tary/Treasurer Salary
  • Proposed Bylaw Amendment: NEB01 defines type of organization that may submit Bylaws Amendments.