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 FEDcon18 in Jacksonville, Florida was a one-of-a-kind forum celebrating the dedication of America's civil servants. Attendees experienced two and one-half days of thought-provoking speakers, leadership training, intensive benefit education and the opportunity to engage and connect with their federal colleagues. 


NARFE National Executive Board 2018-2020


 Front, from left, Kathryn Hensley, National Secretary/Treasurer; Kathy Adams, Region II VP; Clarence Robinson, Region III VP; Robert Helfrich, Region IV VP; Cindy Renee’ Blythe, Region V VP; Marshall Richards, Region VI VP; Rodney Adelman, Region VII VP; Helen Zajac, Region VIII VP, Richard Wilson, Region IX VP; William “Bill” Shackelford, Region X VP.

Back, Richard Thissen, National President, 2016-2018; Jon Dowie, National Secretary/Treasurer, 2016-2018; and Barbara Sido, Executive Director.


FEDcon 18 Texas Group


Texas attendees from left John Creswell, 0672, Terry Bigham, 1248, James Novy, 0344, Dorothy Creswell, 0672, Connie Neely, 1248, Ron Wideman, 2365, Janis Wideman, 2365, Fran Hiner, 2365, Carl Blythe, 2111, Lynn Geyer, 0672, Sandy Vogel, 1594, Ron Hilliard, 509, Severiano Sam Pantoja, Jr 2365.


 Texas Attendees


Texas attendees from left: Dorothy Creswell, 0672; Carl Blythe, 2111; Dale St. Laurent, 1454; Charles Graffam, 0559; Ron Wideman, 2365; Janis Wideman, 2365 and Sandy Vogel, 1594.


 Texas Attendees


 From left, Dorothy Creswell, 0672; Sharron Hines, 0091; Joel Menking, 0091; Severiano “Sam” Pantoja, Jr., 2365; Fran Hiner, 2365; Janis Wideman, 2365; Ron Wideman, 2365; Sandy Vogel, 1594 and Lynn Geyer, 0672.

 FEDcon 18 Texas Group 0091


From left, Herbie Garza, Sharron Hines, Joel Menking