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As no candidate received a majority on the first ballot, a second round of voting took place per NARFE’s Bylaws. In the second tally, Thomas gained the largest number of points. Results have been certified by Election Services Co. and Colette Trohan, NARFE’s National Parliamentarian. For these official results, Click Here 



 National President Richard Thissen.

As you may know, the result of the first vote was that no candidate for National President won a majority. So, we are conducting a second election. The membership approved the preferential voting method for the second ballot, so that is being used.  

Here is some information that should help clarify what happens next.  

First, Click here for Article on preferential voting that is being published in the NARFE September magazine, which is the issue that will contain the second ballot. It is authored by NARFE's parliamentarian and explains exactly how preferential voting will work. It also includes four rules for this election, which were adopted by the NEB this past Monday. (7-23-18)

Click here for the actual motion for the four rules, with rationale. 

An image of a sample ballot has been posted on line HERE. It is not valid for voting but gives you an image of what the ballot that will appear in the September magazine will look like. Please note that the ballots will be printed in a random order. Half the ballots will list the candidates alphabetically A-Z; the other half will list them Z-A. 

You may have noted on the agenda for the joint NEB/Federation Presidents meeting next month in Jacksonville that there is an agenda item called "Preferential voting explained." At this point on the agenda, the parliamentarian will explain exactly how the balloting will work and will take questions.  

As a reminder, the online voting site goes live August 10, 2018. This is about the same time that members will begin receiving their September magazines in the mail. All online ballots must be cast, and all paper ballots must be received, by 11:59 PM Eastern time on September 30, 2018. 

This election is critically important to the future of NARFE, so we are providing this information to make it as easy as possible for members to vote. 



Click here to summarize the new NARFE national ballot process and identify resources to help you and your members.