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Federation Executive Board


President, John Creswell









Exec. VP, Dale St. Laurent









Secretary, Fran Hiner








Treasurer, James Ploen









Northeast AVP, Charles Graffam











Southeast AVP

Rodolfo “Rudy” Carr












West AVP, William Coopre









South AVP Dora Benavides











The Texas Federation Executive Board includes the eight elected state wide officers shown above: President, Executive Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, plus the Area Vice Presidents (AVP). AVP Northeast, AVP Southeast, AVP West and AVP South.


President: John L Creswell, PhD, 830-620-0344

Executive VP: Dale St. Laurent, 972-475-8767

Secretary: Fran A Hiner, 210-380-8743

Treasurer: James W Ploen, 512-312-5573

Northeast AVP: Charles Graffam, 214-554-1737

Southeast AVP, Rodolfo "Rudy" Carr (832) 963-4741,

West AVP, William "Bob" Cooper, 915-842-9443

South AVP, Dora L Benavides, 361-883-2370


To email an officer, click on their name.  A full list of all federation officers with phone, email and mailing address may be found in the latest Texas Federation Register (TFR) which may be accessed or downloaded from that part of this website.


You may also use the "Contact Us" menu folder to send an email to the President and Secretary.



                              Texas Areas and Districts 2018


For Texas Federation Areas and Districts. Right click on the image, choose View image.


  The Texas Federation of Chapters is sub-divided into four Areas (Northeast Texas, Southeast Texas, West Texas, and South Texas).  Each Area has an Area Vice President that oversees the Districts in that area.  The Federation Officers and Area Vice Presidents are members of the Texas Federation Executive Board.

In the 4 Texas Areas, there are 15 Districts each with a District Representative coordinating the chapters. For a list of District Representatives see the About Us topic “Texas Areas, Districts and Chapters”.