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Alzheimer's Research

Alzheimer's Coordinator:  Bette Kraus 

NARFE Alzheimer's Research Fund 

“Our goal is $14 million by December 31, 2020.”


“Yea! We’ve reached our December 31, 2018 goal of $13 million! Keep those donations coming in so we can meet our new goal of $14 million by December 31, 2020. 



Here is the latest total for Alzheimer's.


I hope that you all are well and wearing your masks and practicing social distancing when you are away from your home. 


Here is the new total for Alzheimer's. Last month, July, NARFE members raised $20,365,64 bringing the new total to $13,594,038.17.  Again, this reporting month was an increase over June.  Great news as we are not having chapter meetings.  If giving continues as it has so far this year, we will not make our goal by December 31.  But let's not give up.  Keep those donations coming.


During the month of June, we raised $18,439.10. That is the highest monthly total in the last three months. I think that that is really great as we are not having monthly chapter meetings. Our new total is $13,573,672.53. We still have a lot of work to do to meet our 14,000,000.00 goal.

You know that you can still donate. Send your checks to your chapter Alzheimer's Coordinator who will, in turn, send them to your Federation Alzheimer's Coordinator for forwarding to the Alzheimer's Association in Chicago. 

Coordinators, please do not hold the checks that you receive. Linda and I both get calls about this.

Thanks for your help in supporting Alzheimer's and our goals. 

Marshall L Richards
Region VI VP (AR, LA, OK, TX and the Republic of Panama)






Alzheimer's Research Goal




NARFE Alzheimer's Fundraising Procedures

The process for Chapters to participate is simple:

1.  Raise Funds for Alzheimer's

Chapter raises funds by fundraisers, individual donations, coin collections, raffles, etc.
When making or accepting donations it is important that our members know that their contributions to Alzheimer's research can be tax-deductible if their check is made payable to "NARFE Alzheimer's Research" but only if they itemize their deductions. Our members should also know that 100% of all funds donated to "NARFE Alzheimer's Research" goes toward much needed research. 

2.  Record

The Chapter Alzheimer's Coordinator or Chapter Treasurer records:

 a.  name
 b.  address and 
 c.  amount of each donation
 d.  check number (please do not send cash)

The above information is needed to be able to acknowledge donations.   Without this information the individual donor's identity is lost and his/her donation cannot be acknowledged. Be aware that if checks are lost in the mail without knowing who donated funds, it would be hard to identify the donor to arrange a new check.  Accordingly the Chapter should keep a copy of the list.  If all donations are by check and include a name and address a list need not be forwarded.  However, for a Memorial Donation be sure the name of the person to be remembered and the name and address of the family is noted so that a memorial acknowledgement can be sent to the family.  

3.  Forward Funds

The Chapter Treasurer or Chapter Alzheimer's Coordinator sends the checks to:

Mrs. Bette Kraus 
Texas Federation Alzheimer's Coordinator  
2939 Nancy Bell Ln
Missouri City, TX 77459-3009

If you have any questions, please email Bette Kraus or call at 281-499-8277.


4.  TF Alzheimer's Coordinator Actions

The TF Alzheimer's Coordinator will record donations received from Chapters so that the Chapter receives credit for the donation.  Once a month donations received by the TF Alzheimer's Coordinator will be forwarded to the Alzheimer's Association in Chicago IL in special salmon-colored, pre-addressed envelopes provided by that Association.  The TF Alzheimer's Coordinator will see that the checks forwarded to the Chicago office contain a name and address so that an acknowledgment letter can be sent to the contributor.   When notified that a memorial contribution has been made to NARFE Alzheimer's Research, and an address for the family of the individual being remembered is provided, the TF Alzheimer's Coordinator will send out a memorial acknowledgment card.  Every two years at the state federation convention the TF Alzheimer's Coordinator reports the total amount of money contributed by Texas NARFE Chapters during the past two years.

Please help, get your Chapter involved!