NARFE - Rhode Island Federation
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NARFE Rhode Island Federation of Chapters

 This Federation’s objectives shall be to support and work toward the objectives of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE), as set forth in paragraph 3 of the Association’s Articles of Incorporation.


In furtherance of these objectives, this Federation shall conform to Association Bylaws. It shall operate in unity with policies established by the Association’s National Conventions and National Executive Board, together with other activities looking toward the preservation of American institutions and ideals as shall be espoused by the Association.


To achieve these objectives the Federation Goals are as follows:


·         To organize new Chapters.

·         To visit Chapters, and promote greater Chapter activity, including the recruitment of new members.

·         To reactivate weak and closed Chapters.

·         To stimulate fraternal cooperation among all Chapters in the Federation for their mutual benefit and the benefit of the Association.

·         To maintain constant vigil upon the status of legislation in the Rhode Island State Legislature, and to take action, as deemed necessary, to support legislation that is beneficial to active and retired Federal employees