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NARFE Kentucky Federation Executive Board Meeting Notes 26 January 2016

NARFE Kentucky Federation Executive Board

Meeting Notes 26 January 2016


President’s Report: Mike will continue visiting chapter meetings this year. He will be emphasizing three areas: meeting attendance, programs and concentration on NARFE issues.

            We still do not have results from Hqs. on the membership drive. We do know that at least 15 KY members signed up for dues withholding.

            Chapters will not have to deal with filing the IRS Form N-990 (E-Postcard) this year. Federation Treasurer Steve Saylor will do it for all chapters. He’ll also advise the IRS of any chapters that have closed. Steve does need current contact (address) information for all chapter presidents, so if your chapter F-7 is not up to date, do it quickly.

            Chapter audits are required again this year and are due in January. If you don’t meet in January, please do it at your first meeting of the year. The form (F-131) used can be downloaded from the NARFE website, or call me or Mickey; we have some copies. Send the completed form to the Federation Treasurer.

            We now have 20 chapters left in the KY Federation, but one (Bowling Green, in our district) is in the process of closing and another (Winchester) is considering it.

Secretary’s Report: The annual Alzheimer’s Raffle tickets have been sent to each chapter. More are available from Noreene Morgan.

Membership: KY total membership increased by 11 in the last quarter of the year to end at 2,507. We have 2,300 voting members.

NARFE-PAC: KY contributions last year totaled $7,695.

Constitution & By-Laws: Chapters are encouraged to locate their by-laws and update them if necessary. Hqs. may have a copy archived if you can’t find one. Parliamentarian Willie Little is available to assist if in the process of updating or writing new ones, and Hqs. has guidance available.

Web Master: The Federation website can be accessed at and the NARFE National blog at   The Federation has 964 members with email addresses.

Old Business: It was decided to continue the $10 rebate for any member signing up for dues withholding until 30 June. The application (in the NARFE Magazine) should be sent to Noreene Morgan, who will send it on to Hqs..

New Business: Noreene is handling the Alzheimer’s Raffle tickets this year instead of Alzheimer’s Coordinator Anna Perkins. Please follow the directions that come with the tickets when returning proceeds to the Federation. All other Alzheimer’s donations should continue to go to Anna using the regular donation form.

            The Board voted to cover expenses for registration and banquet for any Federation members attending the National Convention in Reno this year. Convention information is available on the NARFE website. Please let me know if you have any members contemplating attending.  If no chapter member is attending we will need to do a proxy form. Anyone planning to go should be making hotel and travel arrangements soon.

            The Board passed the Federation budget for 2016. The lack of revenue from per capita chapter taxes the last few years and the recent decision to hold the Federation Convention -- which also provides revenue -- every 2 years instead of every year, took the 2016 budget out of balance. After careful consideration, it was decided to reinstate the $2 per capita tax on chapters for 2016. This decision must be reviewed each year. The tax will be due 1 December of this year and will be based on the number of chapter voting members reported on the August M-110.

            The Board held a lengthy but inconclusive discussion on the NARFE Strategic Plan, which will be the primary item considered at the National Convention. The Plan and additional information are available on the NARFE website.