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Kentucky Federation Board Meeting Minutes October 27, 2015 Holiday Inn Louisville KY

Kentucky Federation Board Meeting Minutes

October 27, 2015 Holiday Inn Louisville KY

Those Present: Mike Cornelison, Nathan Henderson, Noreene Morgan, MaryLu Funyak, Mitch Garrett, Anna Perkins, Sally Watkins, Willie Little

Guest: Bill and Donna Shackelford, John and Dorsey Kozarovich, Tony Mackyum 

 CALL TO ORDER by President Mike Cornelison

Pledge :   Mike Cornelison

Prayer:   Nathan Henderson

President's Report Read at the meeting and copy is attached.

Vice President's Report/Approve  Minutes:   NA for VP Report Motion to approve July 2015 meeting minutes by Nathan Henderson, seconded by Marylu Funyak, minutes passed with no corrections or additions.

Secretary's Report: Only carry over business was the Time and Place committee covered later. Secretary reported she has 6 members who have submitted application to go to dues withholding. They will be part of the initiative that the Federation has started to improve membership

Treasurer's Report: In Steve absence, Mike C handled out the treasurers report. There were no questions, filed for audit. Mike reported that the proposed budget and rates and allowance for 2016 would be presented at the January 26th board meeting.

RVP Comments: Two RVPs were present and they read their reports, Mitch and Marylu. Two Reports for Joe and Linda were read to the group. All reports are attached to the minutes.

Membership: Sally W read her report and it is attached to the official minutes

National Legislation: Tom Miller was not present but his report was read and is attached to the official minutes.

State Legislation: No Report

Alzheimer's: Report was read by Anna and a copy is attached to the official minutes

Service Officer: No Report

NARFE-PAC: Roland was not present but his report was read and will be part of the official minutes

Public Relations No report

Parliamentarian: Willie had no report but ask for a copy of the sign by Laws which Mike C stated he would send a copy to Willie

Web Master Not present but the report was read and will be attached to the official minutes


Time and Place Committee: Names have been submitted from the DVP for this committee. Those willing to serve are Ethel Hanna, Glenda Foster, Julie Courier, who we need to confirm and Mitch Garrett. These folks will serve with the Federation officers and a meeting will be set up soon to get this committee started. This group will need to discuss, date, length and location of upcoming state conventions.

Membership Drive: Going well, several chapters have added other incentive to getting members. Chapter 97 has added an additional $10 fee for getting a member bring it to $30.00 for every new member recruited in that chapter


Region X Conference: Bill S reported the meeting was a great success. There were about 140 members in attendance up for the previous one. Reviews were very good. The next is scheduled to be in W VA but that may change if there is a change in the number of RVPS which there could be. Bill spoke about the cost to put this type of event on and how costly it is. KY had 12 members in attendance.

Strategic Planning process: This is covered under a separate report.

Alzheimer’s: Anna Perkins made a motion to proceed with the $100 Raffle in 2016; it was seconded by Nathan Henderson and approved. Tickets will be printed late in 2015 so they are available for 2016. Noreene Morgan has agreed to take over the ticket sales only for 2016.

Mike reminder folks to watch for changes to the affinity partners in the back of the NARFE Magazine as new partners with new discounts are being added.

Meeting adjourned without a motion