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July 29, 2015, at 9:30 AM Federation Board Meeting Minutes

July 29, 2015, at 9:30 AM Federation Board Meeting Minutes

Members present: M. Cornelison, N Morgan, S Saylor, M Garrett, L Heaton, T Miller, A Perkins, S Watkins, W Little, M Funyak, J Horcher

Guest : Donna and Bill Shackelford

CALL TO ORDER BY President Mike Cornelison

PLEDGE   by Linda Heaton

PRAYER by Willie Little

Presidents Report: Attached Mike gave a short discussion of the Presidents Meeting in Reno and he outlined the chapters where he attended their meetings during the quarter

VP Report: None

Secretary Report/ Approve Minutes:   Tom Miller made a motion to approve the 2015 Annual Conference minutes, and seconded by Anna Perkins. Motion to approve minutes passed.

Tom Miller made a motion to approve the 2015 April Board Meeting minutes, seconded by MaryLu Funyak, motion was approved.

Two open issues from the April board meeting, first to complete the motion made by Paul Johnson on recruiting initiatives and to decide the members of the Time and Place Committee. These will be covered later.

Treasurer Report: Steve went over the reports and income and expenses. Noreene raised and issue on the total balances did not match, Steve to review and get an answer. Report is attached.

RVP Region X Comments: Bill S discussed the importance of having a State Legislative Chair and getting to know the state representatives as in some cases these folks move on to National representative and having that contact is important. National office is starting a membership incentive 9-1 to 12/31. There are some changes being made to the NARFE Website to improve security. NARFE has increased the advertising budget to intensify efforts for recruitment. He discussed more on the Presidents meeting under new business.

COMMITTEE REPORTS:   All committee reports will be attached to the minutes and then scanned on the flash drive.

Membership: The federation has 21 chapters, we lost l02 members in 2 months, we have 328 KY members in the E Narfe chapter and chapter 1716 had 4 new members this quarter.

NATIONAL LEGISTRATION: Per our chair we have 119 Narfe proposals under consideration. The magazine is the best summary and it is tied to party lines. Bill S suggestion using Skype or Go to Meeting to meet with representatives it helps with local members to stay on top of issues.


ALZHEIMERS: A Perkins gave a short report on stats and reminded everyone to get in raffle tickets and money.

WEB MASTER: Reminder to use the web site and chapter blogs. Informed us the federation is now using the National office web site, less costly.

BY LAWS: K Overhults wanted to reminder chapters to review their chapter by laws and correct and revive as necessary.



The motions from Paul Johnson about federation recruiting initiatives were discussed at length. National is going with a $ 10.00 finder fee starting Sept 1 to Dec 31. General discussion was to allow a finder’s fee and an incentive to a member who goes to does withholding. Motion made by M Garret for the Federation to give both a $10.00 finder’s fee for new members and a $10.00 for members going to dues withholding, seconded by MaryLu Funyak and the motion passed by a majority vote.

Discussed Time and Place committee and DVPs are to get names to Mike C on members who would volunteer to serve, one member from each district and the Federation officers would also be on the committee.


Bill S discussed at length the Presidents meeting and other issues from National:

1)      Hiring of Jennifer Bialeh and Monica Williams and the experience they bring to NARFE.   Jennifer in particular is bringing new money into the organization through new vendors and recruiting new businesses. She is also working on new sponsorship programs we should see at the next national convention.

2)      He gave a short status report on money coming and how membership declining is effect the bottom line. We are experiencing 25 deaths a day and if we stay on track that will be about 9000 members lost in 2015 due to death. Records on membership close out the last day of the month.

3)      Discussed the OPM breach and the good news is that NARFE was not hacked. Also be looking out for new sign in on NARFE.

Mike C discussed in some detail the Presidents meeting in Reno. Mike is of the opinion not much was accomplished and there is still a lot of discussion that needs to take place afore the national convention. He read 17 questions being considered by the Strategic Planning committee and he went over the responses he got to his email out this question. He did not get a good response from our federation officers or members. Report is attached

Bill S discussed the Region X Conference being held in Va. Beach VA. Sep 28 to Oct2. All members are invited to attend. The Federation will pay the registration fee for any member who attends, and $3000 will be divided up between the federation officer and chair who decide to go. There is money set aside in the budget for the Presidents travel funds.

Motion to adjourn:   ( Mitch Garrett)