NARFE - Kentucky Federation
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Attendees: Willie Little, Roland Haun, Michael Cornelison, Sally Watkins, Mitch Garrett, Anna Perkins, Mary Lu Funyak, Noreene Morgan, Marlene Bunten, Nathan Henderson, Jean Duncan, Bill Shackelford, Donna Shackelford, J. Henry Duncan, Ken Rood.

Meeting opened with the prayer and pledge.

Reports Followed:

President – Visited a couple of Chapter Christmas Parties and swore in new officers.

Vice President – none

Past President – none

Discussion followed on the need to approve the October Board minutes. Motion by Michael C. to approve the October minutes, seconded by Nathan. Any one opposed – no, minutes approved.

Treasurers Report:

Michael reviewed the fourth quarter and December 2014 Financial Report, any questions? No questions. Report approved, sorry I didn’t get the names. Discussed the loss for the year, Chapters not having to pay per capita tax this year and DVP funds reduced to $875.00, if additional funds needed put in a request and it will be considered.

Remind all quarterly vouchers are needed in a timely manner. Also, remind chapters annual audits are required.

Region X VP, Bill Shackelford

Lot of changes at headquarters, lot of streamlining. Chris Farrell is now working as Senior Analyst for President Thissen. Region X meeting is September 28 thru October 2 at the Virginia Beach Wyndam Ocean Front, Monday and Friday will be travel days, price is $94.00 plus tax. Legislative meeting is in March, briefly discussed the current Congress and loss of NARFE supporters.

Federation Presidents meeting is in Reno July 6 thru 10.

National NARFE moving slow, studies gathering dust. Need to review Future of Narfe recommendations and possibly get input from the field.   Need to review Affinity Partners as no change in 30 years.   No dues increase this year. Will be working on a strategic plan starting in February.

DVP’S Reports: If anyone wants an in depth report of the DVP’s, contact the Secretary.

District 1, Tom Diaz has 9 chapters, with 371 members. The district blog is operating smoothly and informing members of valuable information. Fall Round up was a success.

Two chapters have decided to meet quarterly, they are 853 and 1373

District 3, Mitch contacted Chapter 1512 for results of recent election, good news current officers will remain for another term. Chapter 1610 also has new officers, by a unanimous vote. Noreene swore in the new officers at the Christmas party. Chapter 262 also has new officers. Not sure if 1050 had any changes in officers, will check.

District 4, Marlene visited chapters and promoted the convention. Convention meetings scheduled and all committees working hard.

District 5, No DVP currently so Mike C. and Henry are visiting chapters. A Luncheon was held recognizing their distinguished members.

Committee Reports: If anyone wants more in-depth reports contact the Secretary.

Membership, Sally reported we have 22 chapters with 2,685 members. A group recruited at Fort Knox in November. They handed out approximately 300 magazines, hoping to get some new members.

State Legislation, Ken said the Governors State Address did not reveal anything that would be detrimental to seniors in the coming year. To view a list of bills go to RS.htm.

Alzheimer’s, Anna reported the Federation donated $8,802.00 to Alzheimer’s Research. Raffle tickets are printed and ready to be sold.

Service Officer, No report

NARFE-PAC, Roland reported 417 members contributed $11,563.00 to NARFE-PAC. Contributions were made to both Grimes and Yarmouth. To qualify for a pin the donation required is $25.00.

Public Relations, Vacant

Webmaster, Tom advised we have changed to a new Federation of Kentucky Chapters Website, savings from $155.28 to $29.95 annually. The website is

Old Business:

Update was given on convention also discussed the various awards and to remind chapter presidents to discuss at upcoming meetings.

Nominating committee was discussed. Candidates are Mike Cornelison for President, Mike Mitchell for V.P. Noreene Morgan for Secretary, Steve Saylor Treasurer. Received info from Noreene that Nathan Henderson will be running for V.P. instead of Mike Mitchell.

A By Law change will be considered at the convention changing the convention from annually too biannually.

Mike C. stated they gave out 64 free six month memberships at Fort Knox and 58 did not renew, part of the problem may have been the second month National Office sent out a bill. Negative feedback was received on this early billing.


New Business:

Region X Conference is coming up and need good agenda items. Send suggestions to Bill Shackelford.

Convention update given under DVP report. Still working on entertainment and will we get something from the new President Dick Thissan to present to the attendees.

Discussed Chapter closings and how the funds are distributed. Basically the money follows the member, unless they go to the E-Chapter and those funds would go to the National Office. This will be an issue in the future.

Meeting adjourned.

Prepared by Marlene Bunten, DVP 4