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Executive Board Meeting – October 15, 2019 Minutes



                                    Executive Board Meeting – October 15, 2019

                                    Holiday Inn Express – Alliant Av – Louisville, KY


Fourteen were present for the 10:00 AM Meeting. Tony Mackzum, Federation President, opened the meeting with a Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag. Mary Lou Funyak gave opening prayer. Tony then led discussion of the following items with some slides:

  • New Logo – Considerable discussion on use of new logo and its importance in recruiting.
  • James Marshall is new Director of NARFE Federal Benefits Institute. He conducted webinar on Sept 19th on Survivor Benefits.
  • Communication with OPM – Best way is by email. Phone number is 1-888-767-6738 and have enrollment number available. Members should sign into website at least once a year.
  • Chapters want to forward monthly reports to National Members. William Shackelford advised it is permissible to ask a National Member to be Alzheimer’s Chairman.
  • Noreene Morgan is the new Federation Service Officer.
  • Tony wants to work toward getting Minutes of Quarterly Federation Meetings posted on Kentucky NARFE Website.


Comments by William Shackelford, Regional Vice President:

  • AMS was rolled out too quickly. Too much work was done by contractor without sufficient consultation with NARFE. National Office is currently working with contractor for critical changes. Six priorities have been submitted with the top priority to get financial records straight.
  • The deadline for filing for Regional Officer Positions is 12-13-19.
  • NARFE National Office Building is on the market for 8 million.
  • Next Regional District Meeting is November 6, 7, & 8th.
  • Voting on several changes to the National Bylaws passed by 90%, but the overall response from membership was at a rate of 9%.
  • Election of National Officers is coming up in July & August.


Comments by Mike Cornelison, Federation Vice President:

  • Will forward new Federation Letterhead Logo to everyone.
  • The 2021 Regional 10 Conference will be hosted by Kentucky and he is open to suggestions for a location.
  • Alzheimer’s Contributions are slow. Need big boost in ticket sales to get to $2,400 which is the level of funds needed to make ticket sales worthwhile. Presently have a total of $1,100.
  • Go-To-Meetings will be used for most quarterly Federation Meetings. Savings is about $900 per meeting.
  • Advised he will work on updating the F-7.
  • Chapter 1587 located in Marshal County is going to close.


Other Comments:

  • Ken Overholt, Federation Parliamentarian, indicated the Federation Bylaws will need upgrading when changes are made to the National Bylaws.
  • Dates for Federation Meetings during next 12 months are as follows: Jan 31st, April 21st, July 21st, & Oct 20th.


Motion to Adjourn by Ken Overholt.

Meeting Adjourned by the Federation President.