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NARFE Elects New President

NARFE Elects a New National President

After a runoff election, Kenneth Thomas has been elected as National President of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association for 2018-2020.

He takes office on November 1.


 NARFE National President Ken Thomas


Ken Thomas was elected in the second round of voting after receiving the largest number of votes but failing to achieve a majority on the first ballot.

I have been kept up to date by Ken Thomas’s “On Your Radar” Email newsletter since April of 2013; so I have known that Ken was up to date on the use of Computers.

Ken Thomas was a past president of the Florida Federation

Ken Thomas currently serves as a District 6 Vice President of NARFE Florida, known as the Florida Federation. The Florida Federation currently has over 12,000 dues paying members, although they advocate for the interests of nearly 300,000 members of the federal family in Florida.

The new NARFE President faces a number of challenges. Back in May, as he campaigned for the job, Ken Thomas outlined the issues he wanted to focus on:

As NARFE’s president, my priorities must be building the business of NARFE, creating efficiencies, making tough deals and carefully considering divergent viewpoints. The time has come for real-world solutions to the array of challenges NARFE faces.

I am . . . 

Committed to listening to your comments and suggestions. 

Committed to setting strategic direction, and initiating projects focusing on membership recruiting and retention. 

Committed to association restructuring. 

Committed to using technology to enhance association growth. 

Committed to marketing and advertising NARFE.