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For those of you that use Gmail
Learning to use a Blogger
Google has a variety of tools we use every day, Google Search, Gmail, Contacts and Calendar.
They are in the box of dots in the right-hand corner of search or gmail.
One of the free programs I use is on the second page is called, “Blogger”
If you click the box when you open your gmail you will see the programs.
Click More to see the second page.
Second page with Blogger Icon














Here on the second page is the link to blogger, one of Google’s tools/programs.

When you click the icon/link, “You go to your blog or a create a blog page”
Sign  in.









Click create New blog

Now you create an Internet address.









 Now you create a title (can be changed later)

Give the blog an address
Then pick what it will look like. (can be changed later)
Once you do this you just go to the dots and click blogger in you gmail and sign in to your blog.