NARFE to Congress: Allow Federal Employees to Serve the American People
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jessica Klement
January 20, 2018

Alexandria, VA – As the deadline to fund the federal government expired without enactment of a continuing resolution or other funding mechanism, Richard G. Thissen, president of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE), released the following statement on the consequences of a government shutdown:

“I am deeply disappointed in Congress' decision to put politics ahead of the best interests of the American people. In communities across our country, vital federal services are being interrupted and hundreds of thousands of federal employees have been told to stay home without pay because Congress has failed to carry out the most basic of its constitutionally mandated duties.

“It is now the norm that the most routine functions of our government are susceptible to political gamesmanship. As a country, we cannot continue to accept this from our leaders. The consequences of inaction go far beyond Washington, causing unnecessary hardship for hundreds of thousands of federal employees and the taxpayers who rely on their services.

“We urge the Senate and House to do what is right for the country and stop playing politics with people’s lives. America’s federal workers remain ready to serve and protect our nation – it’s past time for Congress to let them.”

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The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE), one of America’s oldest and largest associations, was founded in 1921 with the mission of protecting the earned rights and benefits of America’s active and retired federal workers. The largest federal employee/retiree organization, NARFE represents the interests of 5 million current and future federal annuitants, spouses and survivors.