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Jessica Klement is the legislative director of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) and is responsible for carrying out the legislative and political strategies of the nation’s largest federal employee and retiree organization. As the association’s chief lobbyist, she is responsible for taking NARFE members’ concerns to Congress.

Prior to joining NARFE, Klement served as the Government and Public Affairs director at the Federal Managers Association, a membership organization representing the interests of the over 200,000 managers and supervisors in the federal government. In this role, she worked closely with members of Congress and their staffs to draft legislation to strengthen federal employee and retiree benefits, including the allowance of credit for unused sick leave at the time of retirement for employees in the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). She previously worked for Congressman Tom Petri, R-WI, handling issues relating to the House Judiciary Committee.

Klement’s policy analysis on federal employee issues has been featured in The Washington Post, NPR, USA Today and the Associated Press. She is a regular guest on Federal News Radio and frequently contributes insight on breaking federal employee news to the Federal Times and Government Executive.

A native of Wisconsin, Klement has a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from Marquette University, and now resides in Washington, DC.

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