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How Many Days of Federal Worker Experience Has America Lost Since January 1, 2013?

At Current Time (EST):

Since January 1, 2013, America has lost an average of 10,000 years' worth of federal worker experience every single day.

America's most experienced federal employees are leaving the federal workforce at an alarming rate. These are Americans who have dedicated their careers to detecting deadly storms before they arrive, stopping drugs from crossing U.S. borders, and working alongside our nation's armed forces and veterans.

Each time we lose another federal worker, we also lose his or her expertise on issues that are vital to our country's protection and advancement. And it's adding up. On average in 2013, America is losing more than 10,000 years' worth of federal worker experience every single day.

To make matters worse, this institutional knowledge is not being replaced the way it once was. The size of the federal workforce has been decreasing over the last five years. Today, there are over 300,000 fewer federal employees serving our country than when President Reagan left the Oval Office 25 years ago. There are also 70 million more people living in America than at that time, forcing a smaller workforce to serve a larger population.

Sure, people retire. They deserve to. But why are we losing waves of valuable federal workers in 2013? Could it be because of proposals in Washington that freeze federal worker pay year after year, furlough workers with families, and threaten to tear down the benefits that federal workers earned?

Click here for an in depth look at which positions are going unfulfilled from the Washington Post.

Louis Bornman, former operations research analyst for the Department of the Army, is vice president of NARFE Chapter 1162 in Kansas. "Even though I loved my job, neither my morale nor budget could tolerate the constant stream of abuse from politicians, and, sadly, I foresaw little chance of improvement. So I retired. I am sure my singular departure was not felt by America, but a stark truth will soon reverberate from coast to coast: I was not the only one headed for the exit. Hundreds of thousands of our nation's most skilled and experienced federal workers are right behind me."

Click here for the op-ed written
by Louis Bornman for The Hill

*Source: www.opm.gov

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