NARFE NewsWatch
January 27, 2011

NARFE Announces New, Members-Only Online Retirement Planning Calculator

In an effort to provide its members with the latest tools to plan their retirement, the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE), in partnership with Economic Systems Inc., is announcing the availability of a members-only, online self-study retirement seminar.

EconSys eSeminar Plus, developed by Economic Systems Inc., is believed by many retirement experts to be the best available. Previously, the program was available only to federal agencies, but NARFE members can now have access for a small subscription fee.

The library of online modules provides an easy-to-use, interactive retirement calculator; a complete financial planner to project a household’s financial future; and an eSeminar on a variety of retirement and other financial topics.
“We are thrilled to be able to offer this outstanding service to our members,” said NARFE National President Joseph A. Beaudoin. “NARFE members, active and retired, can benefit tremendously from Economic Systems’ online retirement calculator and financial planning eSeminars.”

“Economic Systems is very excited to be allied with NARFE,” said Dr. George Kettner, developer of the program and president of Economic Systems Inc. of Falls Church, VA. “We share with NARFE the common goal to help federal employees better understand their benefits and prepare for retirement.”

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