Since 1985, NARFE members have played a major role in seeking a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Through its partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, NARFE supports research into the cause, prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease as well as a cure for Alzheimer’s and related disorders. Public education on the need for research–our only tool for conquering the disease–also is an important focus.
NARFE Alzheimer’s Fund
In collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association, NARFE members have donated more than $12 million to the NARFE Alzheimer’s Fund. 100 percent of NARFE donations to the Fund are allocated to research. NARFE is a member of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Zenith Society, a group of about 50 donors representing the highest level of giving. NARFE is one of only four organizations belonging to the Zenith Society and, of the four organizations, NARFE is the “number one” contributor. Many NARFE members not only contribute their dollars to the NARFE Alzheimer’s Fund but also plan and participate in fundraisers, and volunteer at local day-care centers and other respite-care facilities. At the 2016 National Convention, delegates voted to extend our curent goal to $13 million in 2018.
National Committee
Ten NARFE members, one from each NARFE region, are appointed every two years to serve on the NARFE-Alzheimer’s National Committee. These regional coordinators meet once a year, but they function as facilitators and educators in their regions year-round to keep the research dollars coming in. They also answer questions and provide resources for NARFE federations and chapters, in conjunction with NARFE National Headquarters and the Alzheimer’s Association. NARFE National President Richard G. Thissen is the oversight officer for NARFE-Alzheimer’s activities.
Information and Donations
NARFE members should click here for a link to the members-only NARFE Alzheimer’s Fund page for additional information and to donate to the Fund.