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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE :  Data Posted: 5 Feb 2018

The government's one day shut down fortunately did not impact most services provided by civilian employees. But as we all know, the continuing resolution is only a temporary “fix” and we still face the possibility of another occurrence, the result of the lack of statesmanship and the art of compromise on the part of our elected senators and representatives.

It is hoped that those of you who have access to the internet have been taking advantage of the NARFE Legislative Action Center to personalize and send your letters to our congressional delegation. Let them know how we feel about legislation which ultimately prevents government employees from doing their jobs. Those letters also serve to remind our delegation that government salaries and annuities are earned benefits, not “entitlements”. They should not be a “piggy bank” from which they can draw on to reduce a deficit which was not caused by government employees. Those of you without internet access can still make your voices heard by use of the telephone and regular mail. Letters sent to the local office of your representative and senator are just as effective, and are received without having to go through the screening process done by the Washington offices.

Our recent snowfall, thankfully having a lot of moisture, shows winter is still with us. It is hoped every one continues to be warm and safe, mindful of neighbors who may not be physically able to shovel their driveways and sidewalks, and would be grateful for a few pairs of helpful hands.

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Data Posted : 25 May 2017

Annunity Benefit Update

OPM has a new video to help you educate your members, particularly your active employee members, about their annuity benefits under the two most common Federal retirement systems: the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS).

 Your Federal Retirement Annuity – CSRS and FERS can help your members understand:

    Which is my retirement system?
    How much of my salary is contributed to my retirement system?
    When can I retire?
    What service is creditable toward my retirement eligibility and annuity benefit?
    How can I estimate my monthly annuity benefit?
    What reductions could apply to my annuity benefit?
    How can I prepare for retirement?

The 51-minute YouTube video is available at

If you have questions about the video, please email