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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE   Data Posted: 04 Dec. 2017

     The Holiday Seasons have arrived in spite of the unusually warm weather, proving time marches on, taking us with it. The Federal Health Benefit Plans open season is almost over, including all the options for Medicare plans. Most of these have, again, had increases in our premiums. As with many years, the COLA starting in January 2018, (a whopping 2%) is absorbed by those increases. This shows we've not made any gains and perhaps lost a few dollars (again) when we receive our wages, annuities, and/or Social Security each month. The current thoughts and efforts toward tax reform in Congress are causing much unease and turmoil. This should prompt all of us to give serious consideration to our own situation with regard to how much more (or less) in taxes we're going to be comfortable in paying, and be prepared to communicate those opinions with our senators and representatives.

     Most of the Federal employees, annuitants,   and retirees are far from being wealthy;   they may be comfortable,   but certainly not too far from being taken down the scale if certain “reforms ” are put in place.   Contributions to NARFE-PAC, however small,   can help our NARFE legislative efforts toward achieving a common sense approach toward tax reform, along with the never ending effort to protect our earned benefits. Think of that small contribution as a gift to yourself.

     Thanks to the many efforts of a few Federation members, the NARFE message has been given to many at the various health benefit fairs at Hill AFB, the FAA, the Dugway Proving ground, the Tooele Army Depot, and many other areas. The importance of belonging to NARFE is a message which all of us can impart in many ways and areas if we just remember to do that when the occasion arises in our everyday activities. 

I hope everyone has had a warm, safe, and happy Thanksgiving with friends and family, and will enjoy the same with Christmas. ( Hope we have some snow!)
Marla Ramey, President, Utah Federation Ph: 435-882-3876 or 


Data Posted : 25 May 2017

Annunity Benefit Update

OPM has a new video to help you educate your members, particularly your active employee members, about their annuity benefits under the two most common Federal retirement systems: the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS).

 Your Federal Retirement Annuity – CSRS and FERS can help your members understand:

    Which is my retirement system?
    How much of my salary is contributed to my retirement system?
    When can I retire?
    What service is creditable toward my retirement eligibility and annuity benefit?
    How can I estimate my monthly annuity benefit?
    What reductions could apply to my annuity benefit?
    How can I prepare for retirement?

The 51-minute YouTube video is available at

If you have questions about the video, please email

NARFE-FEEA Scholarship Awards Program

Data Posted:  4 Dec 2017

NARFE-FEEA Scholarship Awards Program

2018 Scholarship Program

The scholarship application is now available.  The deadline for the scholarship is March 21, 2018.  The link below will take you to FEEA's website. (The topic for the required essay will be on the application.) 2018 NARFE-FEEA SCHOLARSHIP.

To find out more about the program and how to apply, click here to download our two page brochure (publication F-105): “A Guide to the NARFE-FEEA Scholarship Awards Program.” 


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