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 Welcome to your Minnesota NARFE website.


If this is your first visit to our web site, a sincere welcome!! If you have heard about NARFE before, we want to encourage you to browse through our web site and, hopefully, join us in the continuous battle to protect our benefits (COLA's, annuities, TSP benefits, tax benefits and, most important, health benefits).

Because we are eventually a senior group, we lose thousands of members yearly on a national basis due to death and physical disabilities. So we must continuously recruit just to replace these annual losses and to try and show a numbers increase.

We have many priorities, but the top two must be recruiting and retention and, of course, legislation. If we do not unite and work together, we will soon be losing benefits. That is our purpose - to unite and work and VOTE together on issues concerning our benefits. Please HELP us HELP you by securing our future!

If you have never heard of NARFE before, then our task is to help you educate yourself concerning the issues of concern now, and how they will affect your benefits and dollars in the future. What you don't know at retirement time CAN and usually does cost you dollars if you are not up to date on issues, procedures, and eligibility requirements associated with many retirement benefits.

You can no longer count on your personnel offices to educate you, you must look out for yourself! So, please, do yourself a favor. Learn more about NARFE (refer to our other segment buttons on our web site), and how membership can help you and all retirees retain and improve our hard-earned retirement benefits.

We are neither a union nor a personnel office; however, we provide many useful services and much needed information that are very similar to what they might provide. We are simply a nonprofit organization dedicated solely to protecting/enhancing our retirement benefits and a secure future.

If you desire more information, please contact us. We will be happy to hear from you and to help you in any way possible!!

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