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To: All NARFE Maine Members


The slate of candidates and proposed changes to the bylaws are complete.

We now have until March 2nd to vote!!


Here are the Candidate Statements for the officers you will be voting for:

Click here for Candidate Statement for President Lloyd Woods.
Click here for Candidate Statement for Vice President Susan Hyde.
Click here for Candidate Statement for Secretary Betty Jean Maybury.
Click here for Candidate Statement for Treasurer Dan Strauss.

Here are the Proposed Resolutions and Amendments that are on the ballot:
Click here for Proposed Maine Federation Bylaw amendments 2018.

Here are the recommendations for these proposals:
Click here for recommendations from Amendments and Resolutions Committee.


There are 3 ways for you to vote.  They each will require your local chapter number (0 if you're not a chapter member) and your membership number.

Here are the details for the various methods for voting:
Click here for Voting Instructions 2018.

Here is the link to the actual Excel version of the Ballot
Click here for Excel Ballot 2018 (will store as fullName11749.xls by default)

Here is the link to the PDF version of the Ballot
Click here for PDF Ballot 2018 (will store as fullName11747.pdf by default)


As our local chapters operate independently, you may wish to be involved in the workings of the local chapter in your area, although you must be a member of that chapter. To learn more about your local chapter contact the chapter officials, they can be located by visiting:

  --Lloyd H. Woods
Maine Federation President

Maine Federation EB Meeting 14Dec2017

Click here for Minutes_Meeting_14Dec2017.

Instructions and Forms for Maine Federation Election and Proposed Resolutions and Bylaw Amendments

 Click here for Forms and Instructions for Maine Federation Election, and Proposed Bylaws and Resolutions.

Current Maine Federation Bylaws

Click here for Current Maine Federation Bylaws.

Text for NARFE Scholarship email

Click here for NARFE scholarship email text.

Caribou Maine Federation Convention Report

Caribou Maine Federation Convention Report - April 27-28 2016

Maine Federation of Chapters Policy and Procedures Manual

Adopted at the Federation Convention on 3 May, 2012.  Prepared by Richard Neal

Chapter Information

Chapter Information

Of Special Interest

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