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Message From NARFE President Richard G. Thissen

Congress has returned to the nation’s capital and a spending agreement is being negotiated. As in the past, Congress will look for offsets for increases in spending, creating a heightened risk for our community. That is why we must continue to be strong advocates for the pay and benefits we’ve earned. Contact your legislators today and tell them not to cut our earned benefits in any spending agreement.”

Spending Negotiations Threaten Pay and Benefits   

Before lawmakers left for the holidays, the House and Senate passed a continuing resolution that kept the government funded at fiscal year 2017 levels through January 19. With an extension of funding set, leaders from Congress and the White House met this week to negotiate topline spending numbers for a potential bipartisan spending agreement. As lawmakers debate how much to raise the current sequestration caps, the threat against the federal community remains.
With negotiations on government spending currently taking place, NARFE members must contact their legislators and tell them not to use federal benefits as an offset for raising sequestration budget caps. Congress has used federal benefits in past bipartisan budget agreements for offsets and the federal community must take a strong stand against such action again.
Lawmakers must hear NARFE members if we are to be successful. Contacting your legislators is easy. Simply click here to send a letter urging them to reject any spending agreement that cuts the earned pay and benefits of the federal community.
President Sets 2018 Federal Employee Pay Raise  
In late December, the president issued an executive order that finalized the federal employee pay raise for 2018. The pay raise includes a 1.4 percent across-the-board increase and average additional increase of 0.5 percent in locality-based adjustments. The pay raise became effective on January 1. 
On the same day as the executive order, the Office of Personnel Management released the President’s Pay Agent report on locality pay for 2018. The Pay Agent approved the recommendation by the Federal Salary Council to include Birmingham, Alabama, and San Antonio, Texas, in future locality pay tables. However, the Pay Agent halted the addition of Burlington, Vermont, and Virginia Beach, Virginia.                                                        The 2018 pay tables along with the locality pay rates can be found here.

Make Your Voice Heard in Congress
Members should dial NARFE’s toll-free number (1-866-220-0044) and use this call script to ask their representative to reject any cuts to the earned pay and benefits of federal workers and retirees. Your benefits have been earned and cutting them in retirement goes back on a fundamental promise made to those who dedicated their working lives for the public good.