NARFE Vallejo Chapter 16

                                       Welcome to our chapter website.

We exist to support the NARFE mission. 

The chapter is very active and has strong leadership.

Meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (no meeting in July, and the meetings in April and October are luncheon meetings at an announced restaurant).  We meet at 1:30 PM – 3:00 at the Florence Douglas Center  located at 333 Amador Street in Vallejo.  The Chapter Newsletter has more information about the meetings.

Chapter 16 will welcome you!  We have engaging speakers at our monthly meetings.  To read the speaker list, type "speaker" into the search box and use the "Read more...." button.     Join NARFE  now. 

Lea Zajac, Chapter 16 member, is the newly elected CSFC President!

Congratulations to PRESIDENT LEA ZAJAC, elected May 3, 2017.  In his acceptance speech he states that he appreciates the confidence of those who elected him as Federation President and intends to work more on Legislation and work with Chapters to contact their legislators and fill the 53 District Leader positions. 

Active and Retired Federal Employees Have Become Political Targets - NARFE PAC is our defense.

PAC is the Federal Employee and Retiree Defense Fund.  NARFE-PAC is one of the best ways to build relationships with legislators and ensure NARFE’s interests are represented in Congress. By helping to elect those who support NARFE and our priorities, NARFE hopes Congress takes action favorable to NARFE interests and avoids action contrary to those interests. 

NARFE'S New Legislative Action Center February 2017

NARFE recently unveiled its NEW Legislative Action Center for NARFE members to eaily take action to protect their earned pay and benefits.


NARFE’s Legislative Program for the 115th Congress (2017-2018) was adopted by the membership at the 34th Biennial National Convention held August 28- Sept 1, 2016, in Reno, NV.

Sign up for DUES WITHHOLDING - save $6/year
You can get a 15% savings on your NARFE national dues if you sign up for dues withholding; $34/year instead of $40/year.  Chapter 16 dues are $11/year, so you pay $45/year instead of $51, and you won't miss the $3.75 deducted from your annuity each month. 
CSFC incentive - annuitant who signs up for dues withholding - $15 rebate. 

Battle of the Indexes - narfe magazine August 2016

What you need to know about how COLAS are derived from price indexes.  Click here for Aug narfe magazine cola article.

NARFE and USPS reform

Approximately 25 percent of NARFE’s membership comes from the USPS and its retirees, and postal reform remains at the forefront of our legislative program.

I know you don't come to this website to look for NARFE's position on helping the USPS and it's employees, but it is so important to all of us, and as a basic citizen right, I want to at least try.  Suggestions welcome.

Advocacy before Congress is NARFE’s core mission.

Want to learn more?  CSFC shared this great NARFE manual.  Legislative Officer and CDL Manual (FH-7).  Read parts to learn about how NARFE works on Capitol Hill with our elected Congress members.

May NARFE magazine article, page 36- ANATOMY OF A SUPER ADVOCATE

Chapter 16 Vallejo would like to recognize our Distinguished Members!

What is a Distinguished Member?  When you have been a dues paying NARFE member for 20 years.  Let us know if you want your certificate, pin and card.  Call our membership chair, or President.

Looking Forward to Retirement? Thank Mare Island

Robin Leong has long told us in Chapter 16, that the Navy Yard Association (NYA) of Mare Island was instrumental in the founding of civil service retirement. 

Member Activism - Fighting for USPS Employees

Chapter 16 member and our Newsletter Editor, Ivars Lauersons, is a long time, stalwart member of National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), Golden Gate Branch 214. He edits their award winning newspaper, THE VOICE of the Golden Gate Letter Carriers.

Examples of activism among Chapter 16 members

Here are some examples of our members' activism.

Working Federal Employees

Our chapter has members who are still employed!  


eNARFE President Tom Longo has a great explanation of eNARFE's relationship with NARFE and why you should belong to NARFE.

Did you know NARFE has Coalition Partners?

Coalition building is an important advocacy tool used by organizations to advance their mutual goals. 

There are many Federal-Postal Coalition Member Organizations.

So if you are reading this and interesting, take the time to log into NARFE and use the handy search function for "coalition".  Worth your time.

What to expect when you join NARFE

You receive a good newletter, eConnect, that puts how to advocate for us and some of the member's benefits in a one convenient place.

Meetings & Events
January 9, 2018 meeting. 1:30 - 3. Happy New Year. Speaker Larry Fade - topic tax law changes

Message from Chapter President Robin Leong, sent with the January 2018 email Newsletter - 

I think you'll really like our 
program on Taxes especially with what happened in Congress. Come and 
hear Larry Fade's presentation.
Happy New Year to our NARFE Chapter 16 members, with special wishes for Rose Utterback's speedy recovery!