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Along with strong lobbying in Washington, DC, and organized grassroots activities across the country, NARFE-PAC is essential in defending the federal community from attacks to earned pay and benefits. NARFE-PAC helps elect lawmakers who support federal employees/retirees, builds relationships with key policy makers and assists supportive lawmakers rise to leadership positions.

Below are the NARFE-PAC materials and resources you need to learn more about and promote NARFE-PAC. Contact Jason Freeman ( to request promotional materials from Headquarters to aid in soliciting donations at chapter and federation meetings.

NARFE-PAC Materials


In this toolkit, learn about the importance of NARFE-PAC and how to raise funds for NARFE-PAC. Understand the roles and responsibilities of NARFE-PAC coordinators, including how they facilitate recommendations regarding candidates.

2015-2016 NARFE-PAC Brochure

This brochure should be handed out at all NARFE meetings and events to members thinking about giving, or interested in giving at another time. Features six reasons to give, the incentives available and a form a member can fill out to make a contribution.

2015-2016 NARFE-PAC Collections Form

Must be used to list NARFE-PAC funds raised at a federation or chapter event and denote whether a pin was given.

2015-2016 NARFE-PAC Contribution Form

Features the incentives available and a form a member can fill out to make a contribution.

Click here for Member Only PAC Contribution and Disbursement Reports

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association
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