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National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association

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COLA & Part B Premiums | Disaster Relief Available | Student Loan Forgiveness Program | NARFE Scorecard | FEHBP Rates Announced | NARFE Leaders Reelected | Long Term Care Hearing | Long Term Care Premiums | WEP Reform Changes | Postal Reform | Archived Releases |
Low COLAs for 2017 Leave Federal Retirees Worse Off.
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Disaster Relief Available
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OPM, DOE Promote Awareness of Student Loan Forgiveness Program
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NARFE Releases 114th Congress Voting Scorecard
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FEHBP Premium Increase Adds to Federal Retiree Cost Increases, Cuts into Employee Take-Home Pay
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Thissen, Dowie Elected Leaders of Federal Employee/Retiree Association
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NARFE Calls for Hearings on FLTCIP Premium Increases
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NARFE Stunned, Angered by Increases Announced in Federal Long Term Care Premiums
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NARFE Opposes Changes to WEP Reform Bill in Advance of Committee Consideration.
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NARFE to Congress: Retirees Should Not be Responsible for Fixing the Postal Service’s Finances.
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Here you will find relevant archived press releases.

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National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association
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