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Creating a Second Career
June 29 at 2 p.m. ET

Career transition expert, Alan Malinchak of Éclat Transitions, maps out a strategy to help retiring or separating Feds take their next steps. As a former FBI Special Agent who created a second career in leadership and business development, Malinchak's advice comes from the heart of experience.

You'll hear how to reinvent your KSA's, position your professional certifications, shape your resume for the private industry, and much more.

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Upcoming Webinars (All webinars start at 2 p.m. ET)

June 22   Should I Stay or Should I Go?

June 29   Creating a Second Career

July 27   Survivor Benefits: Key Decisions

August 24   Making the Shift from Federal Employee to Annuitant

New! Facts for Feds A series of short, instructive and informative articles on federal retirement, benefits, and employment options.

  • Steps to Take Before You Retire
  • How to Apply for Retirement
  • FERS Annuity Supplement
  • Court-Ordered Benefits
  • Survivor Benefits Under FERS
  • FEHBP Coverage and Divorced Spouses
  • Early Retirement Under FERS
  • Applying for Medicare Part B
  • Leaving Federal Service
  • Re-Employed Annuitants

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  • How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?
  • 10 Worst Mistakes Federal Employees Can Make
  • 10 Worst Mistakes Retirees Can Make
  • FAQs About Your Federal Benefits
  • Speeding The Retirement Journey
  • Top 10 Things Fed Spouse Needs to Know
  • Survivor Benefits Guide
  • Guide to TSP Withdrawal Options

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  • Be Prepared for Life's Events


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